It is important that before you start any Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), you must undergo specific analyses and blood tests. experts are competent practitioners in endocrinology and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) means correcting a hormone deficiency, and it’s often used for treating a few conditions and diseases. It can be used for children and also adults.

When we are children, and even through our puberty, our body is constantly growing and the whole process of sexual maturation is starting, as our body starts producing hormones at some appropriate high standards.

For all the needs of a growing organism to be maintained, this hormones production is absolutely necessary. After the age of 30, in our body occurs a reduction in the production of all the hormones.

When we reach the age of 50, the hormone production doesn’t maintain normal levels anymore. Moreover, it decreases by over 30%. For people who don’t have sufficient levels of particular hormones, the physicians who noted this decrease, sometimes prescribe them options of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


For more than 20 years, hormone replacement therapy has used bio-identical hormones for men and women. These have also been used in anti-aging therapy. With anti-aging procedures and plastic surgery, the effect is only local, while with this therapy it isn’t only local.

Rejuvenation gets to metabolic and biochemical levels, if you use hormone replacement therapy (HRT). At the same time, it gets to all your cells processes, in every organ and system of your body. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy have been presented with evidence in many doctoral dissertations and research.


The individualized HRT approach is the most important thing when prescribing any hormone replacement therapy, as every one of us is different and unique. Because of this, analyses and tests are very important before starting your hormone replacement therapy (HRT). medics are experts, in this specific field of medicine, being competent practitioners in endocrinology and hormone replacement therapy.

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The human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the anterior lobe of human pituitary gland’s hormone. A few well-known magazines described human growth hormone (HGH) as ‘fountain of youth’, after which it became popular to the general public.

More and more celebrities admit that they use HGH hormone replacement therapy for anti-aging. As it is responsible for many functions in your body, human growth hormone HRT makes your body feel younger.

If you want to both see and feel the anti-aging effects on your body, use human growth hormone for your HRT !


A very popular HRT is with testosterone witch is the main male sex hormone. It is practically what makes a man, a man. The development of primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as body structure, hair growth, strength, deeper voice and muscle growth, are affected by testosterone HRT.

Testosterone HRT is also prescribed because sperm production, sex drive and performance are testosterone’s responsibilities. Deposition of fat on the abdomen, erectile dysfunction (impotence), a reduced libido, as well as a reduction of muscle mass can all be resulted by testosterone insufficiency in a man’s blood.

Sometimes, a deficiency of testosterone can result a behavior or nature change, modification, such as greater emotional sensitivity, or greater feeling of stress. In these cases some physicians may prescribe HRT with testosterone for some patients.